Dubai times two 

Dubai…how can you put this country into words. I always get excited when visiting because it’s so bizarre and different each and every time. From camel racing to metro experiences it is a mixed bunch of banana craziness. 
I first went in November 2015 and just so happened to be there for the Dubai 7s. What a great experience that was. Full of friendly and sport minded people who were up for a good time. Fancy dress everywhere and I remember there being a lot of cheerleaders! 

One of my close friends Laila, my wifey, lives there. So I had the advantage of picking her explored dubai brain to use my time wisely to see the best of dubai. In 5 days my eyes saw things I thought I would never see in a lifetime. Everything was so over the top but fabulous. From ski domes in shopping malls to musical waterfalls over dinner, the place was buzzing with energy. Other experiences included high end nightclubs and extravagant buildings across the city, the best sand beaches, a desert safari,  even hopped on the big red bus tour of Dubai to visit the markets, museums and sights, but the highlight of course was the DUBAI RUGBY 7s. I had such an amazing time and wanted to just stay awake the whole 24hours as there is so much to see!

On the 9th of December, after what could only be described as a mind blowing experience I had to say goodbye to my Wifey and thank her for a sensational dubai experience. We hugged about a thousand times and then off I went to hit the road (and sky) again as I was in the middle of travelling. My next destination being Austraila! (see other blog for info about this…but it is a working progress at the moment) 


Me and my Wifey

Daddy does it again 

 Here I am once again sat on the sofa feeling crappy because my dad has bailed on me. 

Planned to meet up on Saturday morning just for a “catch-up” and also because he hasn’t seen me for my birthday (which was a fricking week and a half ago). Saturday arrives, wake up early feeling good and get ready for the day,  i call him to see if he is ready to rock and roll but he is on the road to Ogmore-on-sea! How about ‘sea-ing’ ME?! 

There is never any apology or phone call to explain why he can’t meet up, it’s just always, this is what i’m doing so tough, you’ll have to fit your life around mine kinda vibes. This is NOT ok with me. It makes me feel unthough of and brushed aside, especially when i’ve given up time in my week to arrange something and make the effort to go. 

The thing is it’s happened so many times now i don’t even bother bringing it up again or wasting breathe having a ridiculous conversation about it because i know his answer will never satisfy me and he will never be truely sorry or understand how his actions are effecting his daughter. 

All i want is a connection with my father but the wires are slowly unraveling,  but there is nothing i can do, he has chosen his path. I just hope he looks back one day and realises that i tried and do love him. 

As i do every time, I put a smile on my face and think about all the things i am appreciative for in my life. I hold no grudge or negative energy, i just walk out that door and go for a coffee with the worlds best mum instead! ☕️ #girlpower 

Giving it a go..

After weeks of talking about it, I’ve decided to step back into the weird and wonderful blogging world. 

What I am worried about is how restricted my vocabulary can be and how s#*t my English is. So no judgies please. 

I want to learn and grow in these areas so feel blogging is a great way to do this and to also bore you with my crazy states of emotions! 

So here is to the new blogging me 


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